5 Facts about Radon Every Homeowner Needs to Know 

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Perhaps you haven’t heard of this, but radon is actually part of your life. It exists wherever we go and especially wherever we are living now. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the following facts about radon, such as how it impacts your health and home.  


You need to take action right away if you have high levels of radon 

Once we take in high radon levels for a long time, this kind of exposure can cause damage to our lung’s sensitive cells, which can boost the danger of the development of lung cancer. Every year, radon causes nearly 1,000 lung cancer deaths in the United Kingdom. Moreover, we are aware that the combined risks of high radon exposure and smoking can actually do a major difference to your possibility of forming lung cancer. Because of this, it’s imperative to take action and have your home tested to determine your radon levels and try to minimize it as much as you can.  

You can reduce a high radon level in your house 

Though having high levels of radon at home can be a concern, the great news is that you can actually minimize high radon levels through easy building works. The first thought that usually comes to mind would be to ask how much it’ll cost. However, you actually have some options you can select from, based on your radon level and your home’s style. Some of the key to this issue include a small pump installation in the loft that slowly gusts in air and adding or substituting ventilation bricks in exterior walls.  

It’s simple to test the radon level of your home 

Try to check your local area’s radon maps and when you see that you’re living in a place that usually gets impacted by greater radon levels, make sure to have your home tested. This is an easy thing to do. All you have to do is to put a plastic detector almost the size of a biscuit within your bedroom, another in your living area, and leave them for at least 90 days. After that time, post them off and your radon level is now determined. When you can see that it’s within the high level, guarantee to contact an expert and book for a contact a professional Fort Collins radon testing for your home.  

In other areas of the country, properties tend to have greater radon concentrations 

Each building has radon but the radon level is commonly low. In other areas of the country, houses may get higher levels and the possibility of a higher level base on what kind of ground it is. For example, in countries where they are rich in granite, like in Cornwall, Devon, and Dartmoor, the radon levels can be more intense and concentrated.  

Radon is a gas that can get absorbed into our houses 

Radon gas is made once the natural radioactive uranium steadily deteriorates under our houses, in the ground, and penetrates to the surface. Because of the manner we ventilate and heat our houses, other radon reaches into our homes through the floor. Take note that this is where we tend to be more exposed to radon. 

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